Create A Relaxing Home Spa Retreat With Dallas Feng Shui

You may not have the opportunity to take a full week of silence and rest, but you can still create mini-retreat for a day in your own residence. The idea is to make more “yin” ( calm ) energy and take sanctuary from the hyper-”yang” ( active ) world we live in.

The day before your retreat begins :

* Clear all of the litter and then deep clean your bedroom and master bath with essential oil products. Better yet, delegate it and have the whole house cleaned! Make certain there’s no muddle beneath your bed ( so chi can circulate round you and help refresh you ).
* Menu-plan, make a shopping list and stock up on fresh fruits, veggies, juices, smoothies, supplements, detoxification teas, little spa treats and such like. If doing a cleanse, buy all of your necessary herbs
* Put fresh green colored sheets on your bed and clean gold towels in the bathroom to support your healing.
* Surround yourself with beautifully scented, fresh flowers.
* Gather contemplative music, meditation cd’s, and dharma talks as well as sacred texts or poetry you would like to read.
* Unplug all computers, phones, TVs and have a sabbatical from your cell telephone, e-mail, the nightly news and newspapers. Make efforts to unplug all electronics in your bedroom.
* Mix up an aromatherapy spritzer using filtered water and sweet orange, neroli or bergamot oils. When you spray it over yourself or in your environment, it will enhance and lift up your chi.

During Your Retreat :

* Drink from pitchers of filtered water with fresh orange slices.
* Create little at-home spa treatments with a reflexology roller ; steam inhalations or scented hot cloths with essential oils ; herbal foot soaks ; body brushing ; salt scrubs ; facials and such like.
* Take part in tea ceremonies with beautiful pots, cups and teas from Japan, India or China.
* Play singing bowls, gongs, tingshaws or bells around your own body and thru your space.
* Move your body every day with movement practices such as qi gong, yoga, tai chi or free-form dancing.
* Eat your meals ( super-healthy ones ) outside in the unpolluted air.
* Pray at sunrise or beneath the night stars out in the dewy grass.
* Write honestly in your book about everything in your life that is draining your life force-people, events, situations, things, thoughts and habits. Make a promise after your spa retreat to begin to clear them one at a time until you feel free!
* Turn off all of the lights at nightfall and go by the light of candles or lanterns. Go to sleep early and give your chi deep restoration.
* create a special altar in your bedroom devoted to your healing, rejuvenation and non secular life.
* Be quiet. Meditate. Take sleeps.
* Adjust your chi with the breathe / exhale Breathing Meditation which you will find over at my blog.

And now? Open your calendar and schedule yourself for some deep rejuvenation-a week, a day, half-day-for as long as you can! And don’t forget to make time for the preparations. Enjoy and luxuriate in the Feng Shui of your body, mind and spirit.

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