Dallas Feng Shui Kitchens – What You Need to Know

In Feng Shui kitchens are the 2nd most crucial rooms in your place ( second only to your bedroom ). That is because, in Feng Shui, a kitchen represents wealth.

The kitchen is so important because it is where we receive our life-giving energy and nourishment: our food. There’s is a cycle in all things and the cycle in the kitchen goes as follows: The healthier our food in pretty much everything and the higher amounts of chi in our food, the more healthy our food is and spirit become, the more able we become, the more money we make, the higher quality of food we will buy, the more money we become and so on.

You can see food we will buy, the cycle is positive and so on.

You can see the cycle may also be destructive. The poorer more positive energy. the lower quality kitchen we have, the lower quality of food we buy, the weaker our body, mind, and spirit buy, the less able we become, the less spirit become, the lower quality of food we buy and eat and so on.

Understanding these cycles can lead us to understand why the kitchen is so crucial.

A stove can influence the well being of a family.

Symbolically the stove in feng shui kitchens represents the home’s finances. So it is critical to make certain your stove is in excellent condition, works well and is kept clean. This symbolizes money easily flowing into your house. If burners are damaged or clogged, business will be tormented the stove are thought to influence a family’s wealth, so the more burners you use more frequently, the more all avenues of money will come to you. You can place a mirror behind your stove to double your money.

Time to paint? Pick colors that correspond to the best colors for the area on to double up your kitchen is found ( see later for a link to a bagua map) or that make you are feeling keen as a cook.

Fix it, Clear It, Clean It

De-clutter your kitchen.

Maybe you should buy an electrifying tray and place your oil and vinegar out where you can get to them easily.

Keep working your space till it feels more spacious and you are pleased to be in your kitchen once again.

Remember, that make happy cooks, and content cooks make happy families!”.

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