Giving A Postive Energy Flow To Your Home Kitchen By Dallas Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, the kitchen has a long history of symbolizing health, wealth and profusion. The food you store and prepare there supplies sustenance and nourishment, enabling you to flourish in the world. Making meals and cleaning up thereafter are vital ways to show how much you care for yourself and your loved ones.

Here are Top-Ten Feng Shui Tips for making your kitchen into the “healthy heart” of your house.

1. Clean everything within & out. This includes drawers and cupboards, appliances, walls and counters. Line shelves with new liner paper, and give the floor a good scrub.

2. Appraise what you really use. Feng Shui asks that you keep only what you use, need, or love. As you remove things from cupboards and drawers, ask yourself when you last used this item, and what the possibility is of using it. If you want to keep an item you seldom use, consider deep storage, or make room for it on higher kitchen shelves.

3. Clear the counters. Remove everything from the countertops to wash them off and ask yourself, “How often do I use this?” before you put it back. Many appliances live on the countertop unquestioningly.

4. Put like with like. As you take things out, put like things together. For example, separate sweet baking spices from tasty ones, and store coffee filters near your coffee mugs. You will make your life feel just that much easier going forward.

5. Adjust shelves to maximise space for storing. Most cabinet shelves are adjustable. As you consider putting your newly-organized things back in the cabinets, separate tall items from shorter ones and adjust your shelf-height in an appropriate way.

6. Use “shelf helpers” for simplicity and potency. Items like tray racks, lazy susans, and stacking shelves don’t cost much, and they can change your life. Get good “chi energy” flowing by ensuring everything works. Fix things that are damaged. Check that doors swing openly. Replace chipped spoons and sharpen your knives. In Feng Shui this is a vital step – things that are well-cared-for indicate your intention to take the absolute best care of yourself, too!

7. Make a safe place for paperwork. Paper processing in the kitchen creates perplexity, and can be perilous. If your kitchen has turned into a mini home-office, it is time to get the papers out of there.

8. Recognize the importance of your stove. The stove, a strong Feng Shui symbol of Wealth in your life, is the center-piece of this “Heart of Your Home” and must be treated with particular respect. One way to do this is by noting your disposition to use just 1 or 2 burners. Spread the wealth and use them all to bring more healthy energy into your home.

9. Use mirrors to create more wealth. In Feng Shui, the burners on your stove symbolize wealth coming into your home. You can multiply this by simply placing a mirror behind the stove so that it reflects the burners. This mirror also reflects activity behind you as you cook, so it brings in a fascinating part of safety and comfort also.

10. Balance the elements. Finally, your kitchen already contains 4 of the five parts of Feng Shui : Fire, Water, Metal and Earth elements. The part that’s's often missing, Wood, can be brought in simply with stuff like fruit or a tiny plant – or maybe an image of one of these. When the elements are balanced, a space feels great.

Is your kitchen everything it could be? Take a look and use Feng Shui to make the changes — you will spot the uplift immediately!

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