Use of Color For Feng Shui in Dallas

Ever question why certain colors have different impressions on people? How it is affecting peoples’s feelings? Like when you stare at the light blue sky, you suddenly feel relaxed and at peace. And when you wake up early in the morning to get the paper, and you stand by the front door staring at the garden; you suddenly see yellow flowers that make you smile and breathe calmly. Colors tend to bring a person particular energy, whether positive or not.

A Bagua map is an essential tool employed in Feng Shui to chart and correlate sections of a home and see how they match up with the different facets of life; such as wealth, love, protection, etc. It is used to detect whether a room has lack of positive Chi or has negative vibes.

The water part in standard Feng Shui represents excess and relief or simplicity. Since it is the symbol of purity, well-balanced water part may bring calm and relaxation. Even though it is an element of the North, it is also effective when placed in southeast areas of a home. Water part colours are Black, which symbolizes emotional stability and wealth, and Blue, which gives you a soothing and peaceful feeling.

While metal component represent clarity, efficiency and delicacy that uses the colors Gray and White for poise and confidence, fire part that portray high energy and career-effectiveness utilize the colors Red and Yellow for warmth, Orange for creativity and sense of purpose, and Purple and Pink for religious and psychological healing.

On the other hand, the earth component in poise and nourishment particularly in relationships built at home. Earth is the component of the colours Red and Northeast. When done harmoniously and with balance, it will create emotional firmness and security inside the home.

It is also said that wood component will bring growth and Northeast. When done harmoniously And since wood comes from plants or trees, it is also a manifestation of wealth and excess. Wood part are usually placed in Southeast or East areas of a room.

Somehow, color shades depict how you are as a person. And since Feng Shui work on sentimental things that attract positive energy flow in one’s life, colors that apply to the 5 components of Feng Shui are doubtless the quickest way to get positive Chi in your life. Therefore , with the use of the Bagua map to properly position symbols and the right colours, one might quickly achieve harmony and balance.

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