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Dallas Feng Shui Kitchens – What You Need to Know

In Feng Shui kitchens are the 2nd most crucial rooms in your place ( second only to your bedroom ). That is because, in Feng Shui, a kitchen represents wealth.

The kitchen is so important because it is where we receive our life-giving energy and nourishment: our food. There’s is a cycle in all things and the cycle in the kitchen goes as follows: The healthier our food in pretty much everything and the higher amounts of chi in our food, the more healthy our food is and spirit become, the more able we become, the more money we make, the higher quality of food we will buy, the more money we become and so on.

You can see food we will buy, the cycle is positive and so on.

You can see the cycle may also be destructive. The poorer more positive energy. the lower quality kitchen we have, the lower quality of food we buy, the weaker our body, mind, and spirit buy, the less able we become, the less spirit become, the lower quality of food we buy and eat and so on.

Understanding these cycles can lead us to understand why the kitchen is so crucial.

A stove can influence the well being of a family.

Symbolically the stove in feng shui kitchens represents the home’s finances. So it is critical to make certain your stove is in excellent condition, works well and is kept clean. This symbolizes money easily flowing into your house. If burners are damaged or clogged, business will be tormented the stove are thought to influence a family’s wealth, so the more burners you use more frequently, the more all avenues of money will come to you. You can place a mirror behind your stove to double your money.

Time to paint? Pick colors that correspond to the best colors for the area on to double up your kitchen is found ( see later for a link to a bagua map) or that make you are feeling keen as a cook.

Fix it, Clear It, Clean It

De-clutter your kitchen.

Maybe you should buy an electrifying tray and place your oil and vinegar out where you can get to them easily.

Keep working your space till it feels more spacious and you are pleased to be in your kitchen once again.

Remember, that make happy cooks, and content cooks make happy families!”.

Dallas Feng Shui Interior Design With Ancient Wisdom

If you’re looking for interior design ideas, you almost certainly haven’t considered feng shui. Your focus might incline more towards your private tastes, colours, and ideas. In fact, who would like a huge Chinese dragon staring them in the face every time they come home?

But it doesn’t really count : even if you are interior design style is totally modern, you can still adjust your life to benefit from the practice of feng shui!

Modern Interior Design With Feng Shui

Many people consider feng shui a specific style of interior design — particularly, an Asian themed, slightly dark and mysterious look. Nothing could be further from the truth! It is not not a decorating style.

Feng shui is about energy. For that reason, surrounding yourself with items and interior design styles you detest is fully the wrong way to approach it. That means that something that appeals to you is much more likely to form positive energy than something you just slapped up there because traditional wisdom said to.

Working With Symbols

It’s true, though , that certain accepted symbols — such as candles, coins, and yes, the dragon — have powerful symbolism when it comes to creating specific types of energy. No problem! If you don’t like these traditional symbols, there are several ways round the problem:

Feng shui does not attempt to take over your complete interior design ; you can tuck Chinese coins under the couch cushions and still create robust monetary energy.

-Change them. Who says a Chinese dragon needs to be red and black and breathing flames? Why can’t he be done in delicate shades of white and silver? If that is your taste, it is a bit harder to find the images, though: often, you must contact a specific artist ( like and commission the piece. This may be done for amazingly reasonable fees.

-Replace them. So what? Cool metal coasters with an Yank nickel could do the same thing.

Let Feng Shui Guide Interior Design!

You do not need to go crazy with the feng shui to watch a powerful influence in your life. Make a few small changes and take feng shui into account when organizing your interior design and you’ll be dazzled at what happens!

Dallas Feng Shui- Bed Room Tips

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips – Redecorate and Re-Energize on a Budget

Wouldn’t it be great to create a calm oasis in the middle of your busy life? Using these Feng Shui bedroom tips to redecorate your bedroom is a superb way to completely change the energy of your bedroom without spending plenty of money.

The target of decorating a Feng Shui bedroom is to gain a balanced room, promoting energy for recuperative sleep and sexual healing. Start with your bed. You want a mattress/bedding which will make you feel cocooned, comfy and provide you with the best night’s sleep, since that’s the key to good health during the day. Duck used mattresses, as they keep the energy of the previous owner. Dress your bed in higher thread-count sheets and accessories made from natural fibers so you are feeling cosseted and cosy. Next check your headboard. The best Feng Shui headboards are solid wood or upholstered, since these offer the best mix of support and protection for your head. Ultimately , raise your bed off the floor to promote good energy flow around you while sleeping. Duck storing things under your bed, which blocks that flow.

The placement of your bed is an example of the most vital Feng Shui bedroom tips, as you want it to plug a loving and healing energy. Your goal is to find the Feng Shui Command Position – the area diagonal to the door, still in sight, but not directly in line with it. This includes patio, lavatory, and closet doors too. Close all these doors at night while you are sleeping to make allowance for the most advantageous flow of energy to brace your good health and relationship health too.

These Feng Shui bedroom tips will help you choose which furniture and accessories stay and those that go! Of course you try to maintain or attract a good relationship. Balance between partners is important. This applies to your room too. This offers a grounding and balanced energy. Be certain the art in the room reflects the life you wish to be living.

Fresh air and light are critical to creating a healthy bedroom environment, so ditch the dark, depressing wall color, and open those blinds and windows. Gurus agree the best Feng Shui bedroom colors are skin colours, which range between pale white to the deepest chocolate brown. Pick the one that is most relaxing for you.

Accessorize your space with candles, crystals and other Feng Shui love symbols. Choose a top quality, toxin-free candle and burn for 15 mins before you retire to bed. Plants are not suggested in the bedroom.

This section of Feng Shui bedroom tips addresses energy sappers in the bedroom. Experts endorse you remove these items since they interrupt a healthy energy flow and a good night’s sleep: TV, exercise equipment, a home office, and photos of your friends and family (do you actually desire them watching you?). If you completely can’t dodge removing some of these items, consider separating them from the main space using a screen or curtain.

By employing some Feng Shui bedroom tips, you can cost effectively redecorate your bedroom, absolutely changing the energy flow, and making it the tranquil, island of peace in the ocean of your busy life. .

Auspicious Feng Shui Offices In Dallas

There are three places in each home that are of special concern and we wish to have each of these areas prepared suitably to get the best benefit. The first area or worry is the bedroom, the second is the stove and kitchen and the third is your home office. We spend a considerable amount of time in each of these rooms and we receive their energy, be that good or good.

In this article I want to focus on the small office. The basic rules for your home office may also be applied to your space at work if you’ve got the flexibility. The location of the office in your home, the location of your desk and chair within the office and the direction you are facing whilst sitting are the three most vital things to think about.

Locate your office someplace else other place apart from your kitchen area or bedroom. The kitchen will also remind you of the work you must do-shopping, cooking, cleaning for example. You could also gain weight by having your office in view of the kitchen. When you have your office in your bedroom you become knackered whilst working. And on the other hand when you do wish to sleep you are reminded of the work you did not have time to end.

Set up your office in one of your advantageous locations if at all possible. When you have found the best room for your office, place your desk. You don’t need to sit immediately before the doorway. This position is too strong and will bug your concentration. You’ll be distracted by anyone that walks by your room. This makes you are feeling uncomfortable because you may be stunned by someone walking in on you.

Place your desk so that you have a wall behind your back. That way you can see anyone that approaches without being surprised.

Also invest in good task lighting for your desk.

Keep your desk neat and clean. Have a good filing system and supplies close to hand. This may minimize the clutter on your desk and make your job less complicated. Too many files, to- do lists and family pictures on your desk keep you from concentrating on the work to hand. Book cases are excellent for organizing papers, reference material and supplies. It is advantageous to have doorways on the bookcase to dump visible clutter.

Your office should be painted in neutral colours so as not to interfere with your work. Keep it light. Dark colors can be depressing and too strong for an office. Choose a color applicable for the compass direction of the room. A well arranged circular board is beneficial, but keep it neat. Art work shouldn’t be too distracting.

In other words, keep your environment straightforward and calm. This will enable you to do your best work. Choose a good location to get good energy and the battle is more than half won.

Now get to work and finish that novel you started.

Use of Color For Feng Shui in Dallas

Ever question why certain colors have different impressions on people? How it is affecting peoples’s feelings? Like when you stare at the light blue sky, you suddenly feel relaxed and at peace. And when you wake up early in the morning to get the paper, and you stand by the front door staring at the garden; you suddenly see yellow flowers that make you smile and breathe calmly. Colors tend to bring a person particular energy, whether positive or not.

A Bagua map is an essential tool employed in Feng Shui to chart and correlate sections of a home and see how they match up with the different facets of life; such as wealth, love, protection, etc. It is used to detect whether a room has lack of positive Chi or has negative vibes.

The water part in standard Feng Shui represents excess and relief or simplicity. Since it is the symbol of purity, well-balanced water part may bring calm and relaxation. Even though it is an element of the North, it is also effective when placed in southeast areas of a home. Water part colours are Black, which symbolizes emotional stability and wealth, and Blue, which gives you a soothing and peaceful feeling.

While metal component represent clarity, efficiency and delicacy that uses the colors Gray and White for poise and confidence, fire part that portray high energy and career-effectiveness utilize the colors Red and Yellow for warmth, Orange for creativity and sense of purpose, and Purple and Pink for religious and psychological healing.

On the other hand, the earth component in poise and nourishment particularly in relationships built at home. Earth is the component of the colours Red and Northeast. When done harmoniously and with balance, it will create emotional firmness and security inside the home.

It is also said that wood component will bring growth and Northeast. When done harmoniously And since wood comes from plants or trees, it is also a manifestation of wealth and excess. Wood part are usually placed in Southeast or East areas of a room.

Somehow, color shades depict how you are as a person. And since Feng Shui work on sentimental things that attract positive energy flow in one’s life, colors that apply to the 5 components of Feng Shui are doubtless the quickest way to get positive Chi in your life. Therefore , with the use of the Bagua map to properly position symbols and the right colours, one might quickly achieve harmony and balance.

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