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Dallas Feng Shui – How To Attract More Happiness and Wealth?

Feng Shui for your surrounding yard and outside spaces plays a vital role in helping you attract more of what you need in life!

* Energize your yard and home with solar lighting. Solar lighting, said to be a very important facet of “the power of green” is a fantastic way to illuminate the path to your house, surround your garden or light up any other special outside areas. Solar lights are an established energy saver.

They store up the sun’s energy during the day, and then use this power to cast beautiful illuminations at dusk and night time.

When you make a smart and considerate environmental choice such as using solar lights, your actions are rewarded under the law of reciprocity ( universal law ) that those who practice Feng Shui understand.

to paraphrase, when you treat the world you live in with consideration and kindness, kindness is returned to you in the shape of more opportunities and wealth, better self-confidence and a stronger resilience to life’s challenges which without delay relates to living a healthier and happier life.

Lights that attractively line the way to your front door are beneficial to the flow of healthy Chi into your office or home. If you haven’t made a route to your door yet, give some thought to installing a delicately meandering path highlighted with solar lights, instead of a straight path leading directly to the entrance.

though solar lights may not shine as brightly as incandescent or fluorescent lights, the savings benefits and the indisputable fact that you are attempting to reduce negative impacts to the environment make good reasons to utilize them. Try to place them in areas where they’ll receive more sun, rather than under trees or in the shade.

* Notice how you’re feeling, when it comes to objects or plants in your immediate outside environment. We are all influenced by the influences around us. For instance, let’s assume you “inherited” some unwelcome shrubs in the yard when you bought your home, and you fear having to trim these back every year, plus they seem to be a discomfort to mow around and are a haven for mosquitoes.

For who knows what reason, these shrubs just don’t appeal to you.

Every time you see these shrubs or have to address their upkeep, as you do not like them you are experiencing a depletion of energy. The sight of them is inspiring you in a bad way, and it is influencing you whether you are consciously conscious of it or not!

The Feng Shui answer for your foul shrubs is to remove them and plant something you love…something that makes you feel good every time you see it, smell it or touch it.

Walk outside and take a look around. Are there eyesores that need to be addressed on your property? Is there a cement walk that’s old and split up by tree roots? Having a “broken walk” isn’t what you need on your property, especially if it is leading to your front door.

A good Feng Shui rough rule is to fix anything damaged on your property, whether within or outside.

Take some time to make your energetic assessment. Write down a list of things that you either need to replace, hide from view or fix. Then prioritize your list, and write down a possible date for completion. Doing this may start the flow of positive energy toward you.

When it comes to Feng Shui out of doors, bear in mind the objects you encounter in your yard, whether you are totally aware or not, impact your moods and sense of well being for better or worse.

Take these systems and put them to work for you today!

Giving A Postive Energy Flow To Your Home Kitchen By Dallas Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, the kitchen has a long history of symbolizing health, wealth and profusion. The food you store and prepare there supplies sustenance and nourishment, enabling you to flourish in the world. Making meals and cleaning up thereafter are vital ways to show how much you care for yourself and your loved ones.

Here are Top-Ten Feng Shui Tips for making your kitchen into the “healthy heart” of your house.

1. Clean everything within & out. This includes drawers and cupboards, appliances, walls and counters. Line shelves with new liner paper, and give the floor a good scrub.

2. Appraise what you really use. Feng Shui asks that you keep only what you use, need, or love. As you remove things from cupboards and drawers, ask yourself when you last used this item, and what the possibility is of using it. If you want to keep an item you seldom use, consider deep storage, or make room for it on higher kitchen shelves.

3. Clear the counters. Remove everything from the countertops to wash them off and ask yourself, “How often do I use this?” before you put it back. Many appliances live on the countertop unquestioningly.

4. Put like with like. As you take things out, put like things together. For example, separate sweet baking spices from tasty ones, and store coffee filters near your coffee mugs. You will make your life feel just that much easier going forward.

5. Adjust shelves to maximise space for storing. Most cabinet shelves are adjustable. As you consider putting your newly-organized things back in the cabinets, separate tall items from shorter ones and adjust your shelf-height in an appropriate way.

6. Use “shelf helpers” for simplicity and potency. Items like tray racks, lazy susans, and stacking shelves don’t cost much, and they can change your life. Get good “chi energy” flowing by ensuring everything works. Fix things that are damaged. Check that doors swing openly. Replace chipped spoons and sharpen your knives. In Feng Shui this is a vital step – things that are well-cared-for indicate your intention to take the absolute best care of yourself, too!

7. Make a safe place for paperwork. Paper processing in the kitchen creates perplexity, and can be perilous. If your kitchen has turned into a mini home-office, it is time to get the papers out of there.

8. Recognize the importance of your stove. The stove, a strong Feng Shui symbol of Wealth in your life, is the center-piece of this “Heart of Your Home” and must be treated with particular respect. One way to do this is by noting your disposition to use just 1 or 2 burners. Spread the wealth and use them all to bring more healthy energy into your home.

9. Use mirrors to create more wealth. In Feng Shui, the burners on your stove symbolize wealth coming into your home. You can multiply this by simply placing a mirror behind the stove so that it reflects the burners. This mirror also reflects activity behind you as you cook, so it brings in a fascinating part of safety and comfort also.

10. Balance the elements. Finally, your kitchen already contains 4 of the five parts of Feng Shui : Fire, Water, Metal and Earth elements. The part that’s's often missing, Wood, can be brought in simply with stuff like fruit or a tiny plant – or maybe an image of one of these. When the elements are balanced, a space feels great.

Is your kitchen everything it could be? Take a look and use Feng Shui to make the changes — you will spot the uplift immediately!

Things To Remember On Choosing The Ideal Location Of Your House By Dallas Feng Shui

Feng shui is a sorta manual about the placement and architecture of a house to allow good flow of energy. And it isn’t just placement of the bed and couch. The position of the house and landscaping will affect the ch’i ( energy ) of the house in a big way. Let’s commence with a few tips to bear in mind when looking inspecting the location for your ideal home.

1. First and most vital, research the history of a property. Find out what occurred with the prior tenants, and the ones before them. And even the ones before them. Ask neighbors, or selling agent. If all the previous inhabitants had money Problems, family Problems, etc, probabilities are there’s bad feng shui going on. Best to move on and look for another house.

2. Focus on the road placement. The road in front of your house shouldn’t be pointing directly into your home. If a home is sitting at a dead end, in a T-intersection, or in the center of cul-de-sac, then energy is continually flowing straight down that road into the house, then building up and stagnating there. This isn’t good ; the ch’i must continue to flow, like air. If it gets stuck in your house, it can go bad.

three. Pay attention to what’s round the house. Inspect the terrain closely. Ideally, the property should have a dark turtle in the back ( a mountain or hill, another house, a row of trees, a fence, for example. ), a dragon ( a home, a tree ) to the left, a white tiger ( a smaller house or tree ) to the right, and a phoenix ( open ground, a circular flowerbed, a meandering brook or road ) in front. All those exotic names are just a neat way to state the simple -a house by itself isn’t ideal, since there is nothing to slow the flow of ch’i. Most homes will have all these things around them already, but it does not hurt to think about it your very first time seeing a place. Other stuff to think about are “poison arrows,” like telephone poles, flagpoles, or the corner of a place pointing your way. They can obstruct the energy flow to the house. Even a hospital can be a source of bad energy.

four. Something that doubtless doesn’t automatically spring to mind is the shape of the property ; but that can be very important as well . Always go for something symmetrical, like a square or a rectangle. If your property is really close to square, use hedges to fill in the spots that make it irregular. Triangle-shaped properties can create disharmony. If you just love a place and absolutely need to have an it but it is’s on a triangle-shaped lot, it’s better for the wide side to be in the back ; the other way indicates an inability to save cash.

When you visit a property, notice the shapes of the things around. I know it sounds peculiar, but sort of squint your eyes and see what you see, like you used to do as a kid, when you were taking a look at the clouds in the sky. If anything looks like something hostile, then be careful. That could be an indication of some anti-ch’i. You need enough stuff to slow the energy down to capture it but permit it to also flow.

Tips On Good Bathroom Location According To Dallas Feng Shui

When pondering bog Feng Shui we are literally focusing on a philosophical approach to bog design. The term is Chinese and literally interprets to mean water and wind. The idea in toilet Feng Shui is taking a look at away of making certain the flow of energy, or chi, in the house in the most effective and convenient possible manner.

Feng Shui recommends that water is actually very helpful in our lives and a source of energy and teaches us strategies to use this energy to influence our own environment in a big way. Whether we are at home, in our offices, market place, we’ve got the potential to maximise our well being to guarantee the success in areas like our relations, career and school. When we bring this philosophy to our toilet, we are largely trying to ascertain how the design and placement of the lavatory will make a contribution to our health and prosperity.

To try this, we use key tools like Bagua color charts. The philosophy of Feng Shui is terribly rooted in faith and is going to be hard to grasp but its implementation, even with minor changes will produce a neat and engaging bathroom that will serve well as a room to pass some time in. If you follow the Chinese philosophy in the look of the toilet space, you’ll become aware that the position of your bathroom will actually dictate the flow of your wealth and prosperity. If you construct your bathroom on the second floor in places like above the main door, above the kitchen door you’ll be inhibiting the flow of cash. If you construct your bathroom at the centre of the house you’ll be destabilizing the flow of energy in the entire house. However, unless you are coming up with a new build or performing a complete renovation the location of your loo will usually be fixed.

The bathroom plays a major role in the processing and elimination of waste. According to Feng Shui, therefore , a blockage in the bathroom system could mean a block in your finance flow and can put a bar to your prosperity.

The concept may be very hard to comprehend, but systematic research conducted has demonstrated that it could have some elements of credibility. The surest thing to do is to try locating the toilet in the Feng Shui way and see it work on your wealth and well-being.

Dallas Feng Shui – Home Color and Decoration Improvement

Feng Shui helps you create a simple balanced living environment. Learning a way to properly organize what surrounds you can enhance your life and that is what Feng Shui is about. Decorating with Feng Shui principals involves the movement of energy at a balanced pace. This involves decorating with colors, scent and mirrors.

Different shades create different results on folks’s psychological behavior. Here are some sides of color that change your mind. For good luck select the color red. This would be the ideal color to use for your front doorway. Yellow and purple are considered auspicious and advantageous to one’s moods.

Decorative orange and brown designate health, relationships and knowledge. Colors that plug restorative sleep as well as sexual healing are colours of human skin.

As well as being used as a decoration, mirrors in Feng Shui are used to attract, move or change the flow of energy. Mirrors can enlarge a space, deflect something, flatten a wall or make a wall vanish. The shapes of mirrors used in Feng Shui are sometimes round or octagon. Most importantly is that mirrors be full and complete, not mirror tiles that cut the image into pieces. Mirrors are great placed by front doors and ideal to harmonize the energy in the home.

Be certain to buy candles with no toxins. You should usually place and keep your designs in a free flowing direction.

The essence of clocks in Feng Shui is the measuring of the passing of time. There are a lot of good areas in the home to display clocks. It is sort of a prerequisite to have a clock in ones bedroom. For a collection of clocks, display them in a huge corridor along the walls to keep the energy flowing in the right direction.

In this practice they also believe that many different paintings can reinforce your environment with good health, information, career, family, love, fame and wealth. To enhance the area of wisdom and knowledge, use the colours of yellow or beige. Mountains, crystals and dragon carp designate the ascent toward religious awareness. For the advancement of your career your home office should be found in the north part of your home. Hang paintings of open fields, flowers and fish.

The color white should be used for the strength of your family bond. Hang photographs that evoke confidence , courage and inspiration. Fanciful and imaginative images are also acceptable. For true love hang pieces of art that send out love vibrations. Fame pertains to self esteem and inner light. They all represent new opportunities, diplomacy and endurance. To depict wealth look for art work that exhumes victory in the face of a competition. Fish is also a symbol of wealth and endurance.

To truly decorate in this fashion you need to compare each element represented by its color in relationship to each other. When you start to apply the rules of Feng Shui to your house you’ll be amazed how some straightforward changes of color, arrangement and placement can make your house calming and aesthetically pleasing.

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